Having grown up on a farm in the mountains of isolated Appalachia in southern West Virginia, I was raised far away from any type of spotlight. When I was a kid, I would act out scenes and characters from my favorite films, creating an alternate world through my imagination and living through creation. I loved that about being a kid. Something about creating an alternate reality was unquestionably normal. It wasn't until I was in High school and I read the book, "The Alchemist," that I was brought back to this distant memory and realized that I wanted to be an actor and make a career with it! I followed the status-quo and went to college to get an education, still promising myself that I would pursue my dream afterwards. It was my junior year of college when I learned that I lost a scholarship that helped pay for my education. I was faced with the decision of either staying in West Virginia, or leave to pursue what I have always wanted. I moved to Los Angeles where I am currently auditioning full time. My first job in Los Angeles was working as a background actor. I carefully observed the magic that is pieced together on set. I picture it like being on a big playground where creative people and the like come together to make something truly magical. I love everything about being on set. I Observed in detail how the principal actors adapt to the direction on each and every take, to the production team meticulously placing it all together. Background was been an extraordinary learning experience and I am confident that I will use these experiences on set, one day, myself. In my free time, I make audition scenario tapes from scenes and characters, just like when I was growing up, except this time to share them with the world. I have plans to further my training at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts this autumn in New York City. I will be training in New York during the school year and auditioning in Los Angeles during the summertime. I am also currently awaiting an audition date to join the actor's studio. It excites me tremendously to work alongside other creative individuals where we can learn from one another and grow to our fullest capacities. I hope you enjoy what I have put together on this website, and one day I look forward to becoming a character in one of your favorite films!